Review – Ask Italian

Last night we went out to the cinema and we ate at Ask Italian for dinner. It’s not the first time I’ve eaten here and I always enjoy it. Ask Italian now has a large gluten free menu. It’s very extensive as far as gluten free menus go. They even have gluten free pizza and pasta, so you aren’t stuck with a grill meal or a salad. They even have desserts that aren’t just ice cream or fruit salad! Yay! It was definitely something I missed before restaurants starting getting better.


I had the Insalata Caprese for starters. This wasn’t changed for the original menu which is a lovely change for most gluten free options. It was lovely but my parents had the garlic bread and I kind of missed joining in and sharing that with them. The starter I had was still wonderful and I really enjoyed it.


I then had a pizza for mains and that was fantastic to have in a restaurant. This pizza was call Prima Proscuttio e Pancetta Pizza and it was actually designed by a patient at Great Ormand Street Hospital, and some of the cost of the pizza was donated to the Hospital. As a person who was born with a heart condition, this meant a lot to me. The pizza itself was wonderful, very thin base and great fresh toppings. As a gluten free pizza base it was a great one, crispy crust, thin, soft in the middle and no strange aftertaste. It was great!


I would recommend Ask Italian to those who are gluten free and want good, almost 😉 authentic Italian food. Even of your only visiting England it would be a good place to go as a England’s cuisine is a wonderful eclectic mix of all cuisines.
So dig in an enjoy!

Leave me a comment and let me know of any good gluten free Italian restaurants or what you’ve thought of the restaurant when you’ve been.

Happy eating!

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