Review – Green Lane Chippy

I know that coeliacs miss out on fish and chips, more often than not, and I know that it’s something they miss most but I think I have a solution for all of you 🙂

I am a Committee Member of Coeliac UK Manchester Group and for a birthday in the group we went to a traditional Fish and Chip Shop for the celebration.


In Leigh, Green Lane Chippy does gluten free fish and chips. And they are beautiful! You can have the fish without battered or you can have one of two versions of gluten free batter.

And that’s just the small portion!

They do more than just fish, you can have gluten free curry sauce, fish cakes, chips, beer and much more!
I haven’t had any fish and chips that are better than these!
If you can I would recommend this place to anyone, if you can get there. The people are so helpful and willing to do as much as possible to help you.

A regular portion!

A fishcake


So hopefully you enjoy here just like I did. So leave me a comment and let me know of you have found another fish and chips shop that has a wonderful gluten free option.

Life’s too short to eat bad food.
Happy eating!

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