Gluten Free Pizza

Who loves pizza? Everyone! And i know that authentic Italian pizza is hard to make gluten free. The manufactures make thick small pizzas and its not just the same, really is it? So I have found an amazing gluten free pizza; thin, crispy, large and tastes just like the real thing. As a family and Italian food lovers, we swear by this recipe, it’s the only one we make pizza with and we love it 🙂


Who wants the recipe?
Here we go:

135g bread mix (Glutafin is a good one)
Pinch salt
20ml/15g olive oil
5g dried yeast
Black pepper to taste
60-70ml warm water (enough to bind into a soft dough)

1. Mix first six ingredients together in food mixer until smooth. (Add water until mix becomes soft but not sticky)
2. Roll out, on a floured surface, to desired size and thickness.
3. Add tomatoes and toppings and bake at 200oC fan for 12-15mins until golden and the cheese is bubbling.

Note: we find that if you mix tomato paste and red pesto at a ratio of 4:1 respectively it just adds a little kick to the pizza.
Adding Italian seasoning to tomato paste mix gives more flavour.
Also if you mix mozzarella and cheddar at the ratio of 1:1 for that stringing stretchy cheese you get on all the Italian pizzas.


Why don’t you give it a go? Comment and tell me what you think or if you have a good pizza recipe, let me know 🙂


We made a little individual pizzas for a ‘do and I thought I’d share them with you. They’re adorable and went down a treat. It’s the same recipe but the amount of topping you’ll use is less and the amount of cheese you’ll use is more. 

Life’s too short to eat bad food!
Happy cooking


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