Review – Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer has a good selection of gluten free food and now they have begun doing gluten free sandwiches with all their other sandwiches to go. They actually have choice of two; a BLT and a Ploughman’s. I’ve only had the BLT one so far. If/when I have the Ploughman’s one, I’ll add a review for that one too.

Okay, so, the sandwich is good. It’s actually really good and it’s a real sandwich, not a wrap. The filling is soft and flavoursome and moist. They have included a mayonnaise; this helps to keep the filling and the bread moist without allowing the bread to soak it up. The bread is a seeded bread, Marks and Spencer’s own, and is very soft but slightly dry. This is countered by the mayonnaise, making it not much of a problem.

I enjoyed this a sandwich and would happily have it again.

Life’s too short for bad food.

Happy Eating!


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