Review – Omelegg, Amsterdam

Hello, again! It’s been too long, I’m terribly sorry.

I know Amsterdam might be a bit out of your usual haunts but if you are ever in the town, please make time to visit this place – along with a chip shop in one of the back streets (I’ll look up the address and update this post) who have the best chips and more sauces than you can think of.

Omelegg is an omelette cafe, referring to themselves as the first omelette cafe – which I don’t doubt of a second. They have more flavours of omelette than you can think of; and not all of them are breakfast ones. They also do yogurt and granola pots, and  all sorts of other things if omelettes or eggs aren’t your thing.

We’ve been there twice – the perks of living in Leiden, Holland for 71 days (I had intended to do a year abroad but it went very wrong, you can check out my othe blog if you’d like to find out more). I’ve had a peanut butter and banana omelette and the omelette in this picture, a salmon and crème fraîche. Both times the omelette was wonderful. I do have to admit the peanut butter and banana one was a bit sicky and rich for me but I could eat the salmon and crème fraîche one until the cows come home.

The food is so fresh, they make the whole thing from scratch once you order it. They have an open kitchen, meaning you can see everything they do – very reassuring as a coeliac, especially with a language barrier. Although, fret not, most Dutch people have fantastic English.

They are very clued up about coeliacs; they clean all their surfaces, open new jars or cartons of eggs etc, use new implements and clean pans. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for more. They’re so helpful and friendly.

If I go back to Amsterdam, I’ve found my first stop.

Life’s too short for bad food.

Happy Eating!


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