Review – Bents Garden Centre – Second Time!

I know I’ve reviewed this one before but after much recommendation by other members of the Coeliac UK Manchester Group Committee, I decided to try the gluten free quiche they boast. They always have at least two quiches in their café and one is always kept gluten free.

On the day I went the gluten free offering was an asparagus and cheese quiche.

This had already partly won me over – if you’d seen my last post, you’d know just how much I love cheese. But no one has warned me that the quiche was not just a slice of quiche but a full lunch, coming with a salad/coleslaw.


The quiche was soft, with a spongy texture. The asparagus got lost in the flavour of the cheese most of the time, but there were lovely hints of it every so often. The quiche did have a bit of a soggy bottom (thank you Mary Berry for that wonderful phrase) but this was possibly from sitting in the ceramic flan bowl under heated lamps for however long. Despite having sat under the heated lamps, the cheese topping was crisp and just the right amount of chewy.

As the coleslaw had more than just the regular white cabbage, red onion and carrot, it was full of unique flavour. The vegetables within the coleslaw had kept their crispness, even with the mayonnaise – I would suspect that the coleslaw was made in advance and kept in Tupperware – and did not suffer at all from the suspected pre-prep.

The salad was freshly made from the meal and again, all the food used was fresh and crisp and bursting with flavour. The only thing I found it lacked was a little bit of dressing – but that’s more my preference than anything wrong with the food I received.

I enjoyed this meal very much; even taking home the leftovers and getting excited to finish it for lunch tomorrow. I would fully recommend this meal, and indeed this café, to anyone; coeliac or otherwise.

Remember, life’s too short to eat bad food.

Happy Eating


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